Closed-Captioning Verification in a File-Based Video Workflow

Chapter 91 (Lansing/Mid-Michigan) November Chapter Meeting

Date: Thursday, November 13, 7:30 PM

Location: WKAR Stations, Room 204 Communication Arts and Sciences Building, Michigan State University Campus, East Lansing (Parking is free in the ramp after 6 PM)

Topic:  Closed caption verification in a file based video workflow
For viewers at home checking closed captioning on a TV show is as simple as pressing a button on a remote control to display the captioned text on screen.  However, TV broadcast professionals who have to manage a file based digital video delivery workflow have a very limited toolset to verify that a video file has proper TV closed captioning data.  This session covers a variety of new options to be able to check video files for closed captioning with software that does not rely on hardware and expensive professional TV monitors to decode the caption data.  Once the caption data is checked and verified it can be extracted and repurposed for a variety of delivery formats including internet videos to meet 508 compliance.

Speaker: Giovanni Galvez – Captioning Expert, Telestream

In his 7th year as the technical developer for CPC, now part of Telestream, Giovanni Galvez has helped networks such as NBC Universal, Fox, Turner, and AMC migrate to a file-based workflow for HD closed captioning. He has given seminars and presentations at Apple headquarters in Reston, VA, Rochester Institute of Technology, FCC, National Association for the Deaf and the NAB conference.  During these sessions he discussed new and essential file-based alternatives for HD closed captioning that integrate with non-linear editing systems, broadcast servers, and internet video delivery platforms.  In addition to closed captioning for TV, he has also helped many government agencies such as the DOJ, FDA and Social Security administration add closed captioning to web videos.  In the first quarter of 2011, he helped develop the first software to convert TV closed captioning CEA-608 to SMPTE TTML file format for the web.