Helpful tips when taking a certification exam

If you plan to take an exam in the future, here are some helpful tips from the SBE Certification Committee.

  • Most exams are open book.This means that you can take in any book that you think would be helpful for the exam. These books do not need to be exclusively on our Suggested Reference List.
  • Most of the certification exams are allotted three hours. Make sure that you take your time and review your answers before completing your exam.
  • Calculators are permitted during the exam, however computers are not. You may utilize your smart phone as a calculator but you will be required to put it in “airplane mode”. You will be on your honor not to use it for recording notes during the test.
  • Written notes are not allowed to be used during the exam.
  • Sign and date the coversheet of your exam.

Results will be mailed out as soon as they are available. You are only notified pass or fail. Results are only given to the applicant.

For Frequently Asked Questions check out this page, or apply for an SBE Certification.

If you are interested in any of the SBE certifications, please go to the SBE website, or contact Certification Director, Megan Clappe.